Follow @RachelBogle When it comes to beauty, no sh*t is off limits. Literally. Not even BIRD SH*T. Here’s one woman’s harrowing tale of how she spent almost $200 to have bird poop put on her face for “better skin.” Her name is Candice Jalili and she’s a brave soul. She also documented the whole adventure for Elite Daily. […]

Troye Sivan stops by RadioNow. We rap about the differences of American vs. Australian breakfast, Troye’s love life, Donald Trump, and a bunch more. Plus, we play my favorite game! I don’t know what to call it but I take a sentence a fragment and start to type it out in Google, usually something crazy pops […]

Rising South African-born Australian Pop Star Troye Sivan gave a group of RadioNOW listeners a special treat as he performed for them as they ate breakfast from Lincoln Square! Here is video of him performing his hit song, “Youth” below.

`Tis the season of giving, and Kendrick is making sure to do just that.