So I'm sure you heard that Juice Wrld died on Sunday.

Facing 24 years, she's probably missing her old job right about now.

Courtesy of Today: There are lessons to be learned from anything, anywhere and anyone. Including a Miley Cyrus tattoo. And, as it turns out, even Miley Cyrus can learn a thing or two from her tattoos. On Thursday, the singer showed off her new ink on Instagram (note: her hashtag has some adult language) — […]

Follow @RachelBogle Yes, this is real life. Weed-infused vodka is a thing. A real thing…that exists in the world. It’s called Humboldt’s Finest, and it comes from Humboldt Distillery on the north coast of California (obvi…) “As the vodka has grown in popularity I’ve found more and more consumers asking us to add some of […]

Courtesy of TMZ: Katt Williams is once again locked up … after cops found weed and firearms while serving a search warrant at his house. The Hall County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia say the warrant was part of an investigation into Katt that began on March 1, after one of Katt’s bodyguards claimed he was […]

This year has already gotten off to a great start: Manhattan has just opened up its first medical marijuana dispensary.


Follow @RachelBogle COOLEST GRANDPARENTS EVER. Their reactions are soooo priceless, especially talking about “Mr. Wap” Check out the video below:

Justin Bieber snags another magazine cover and opportunity to tell the world how much ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez means to him.

More Americans are smoking marijuana than ever before, as the number of smokers have doubled over the last ten years.

Courtesy of Barstoolsports: 15 Colorado McDonald franchises have announced that they are converting their McDonald’s Play Place areas into marijuana friendly smoking areas. Each facility will consist of 15 smoking pods in which customers can smoke a joint, bong, or pipe without being harassed or bothered by people who are offended by it. Each pod […]