We all know that Indiana’s nickname is “The Hoosier State”…right?!? (I think we all know that?!?) Well…let’s see how well Joe and Alex know the nicknames of some of the other states! (I’ll give you a hint…NOT THAT WELL!) You’ve gotta hear their answers!

Simone Manuel made history last night as the first Black woman to win an Olympic medal in an individual swimming event. Much less gold. The race from last night proved to be even more exciting because the shine was all on Australian sisters Bronte and Cate Campbell who were poised to be the first siblings […]

Courtesy of TMZ: Abby posted an apology to her family, friends and fans … saying she takes full responsibility for her actions and she’ll “do whatever it takes to ensure that my horrible mistake is never repeated.” Abby Wambach got busted for driving under the influence in downtown Portland late Saturday night. The retired U.S. […]

Courtesy of Huffington Post: In the late ‘90s, when Tara Ruby was in the U.S. Air Force, support for breastfeeding moms “wasn’t even an option or a consideration,” she said. So when the mom, now a photographer, heard that a dedicated nursing room was being built in the Fort Bliss Army post in El Paso, […]


Follow @RachelBogle Donut-Gate 2015 wages on… Apparently, many people were less than satisfied with Ariana Grande’s Twitter apology after being caught on camera licking display donuts at a California donut shop AND saying that she hates America. Soo, she decided to give this whole apology thing another try…by posting this video: Do you believe her […]


Follow @RachelBogle It was a pretty AWESOME weekend for the United States! A women’s World Cup VICTORY on 4th of July weekend?! Does it get much better than that? Didn’t think so! And of course there were LOTS of amazing moments during yesterday’s 5-2 victory over Japan. But one of the BEST moments happened right after the […]

Follow @RachelBogle This End-Of-Term President Obama suuuure doesn’t play! In this new video from Wednesday’s White House event honoring LGBT Pride Month, a heckler decided to interrupt Obama’s speech by shouting “Shame on you!” and going OFF about immigration and deportations. But then, Obama said NOT IN MY HOUSE, OH HELLLLL NAW! Seriously, check out […]


Follow @RachelBogle The presidential race has been TRUMPED— literally! Yesterday, Donald Trump announced that he is officially running for President of the United States…and followed that up with quite possibly one of the most RIDICULOUS speeches ever. Check it out below: Donald Trump, you’re fired.


Follow @RachelBogle This is AWESOME. It’s not every day you catch the President of the United States taking selfies with a Selfie Stick. But that’s exactly what President Obama is doing in this awesome new Buzzfeed video called “Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About.” Of course, it is all to promote the site, […]


Follow @rachelbogle First lady Michelle Obama did a Q&A Tuesday on Vine, and was asked by a guy impersonating her husband how many calories she burns “when you turn up.” The guy was Imam Crosson, an actor and popular Vine personality. Mrs. Obama came back with an answer that was perfect: Though the precise calorie […]

Follow @rachelbogle Just in case you missed the Sochi Winter Olympic Games closing ceremonies last night, fear not, because thanks to the geniuses at Buzzfeed we now have a compilation of some of the greatest moments that you DO NOT want to miss. Enjoy!     When this flying canoe came into the stadium piloted […]

Follow @rachelbogle Ok, so being from a tiny little town called “Gnaw Bone” (seriously, look it up) in Brown County Indiana, I thought I hailed from the town with the weirdest name ever. Nope….not EVEN close. Behold, the 50 Weirdest City Names in the USA: Credit: