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Selena Gomez shared on Instagram what content she’s been watching/reading/and listening to while staying at home. She’s got a pretty good taste in movies with recommendations like Jennifer’s Body, American Hustle, Uncut Gems, Clueless, and Zodiac. She’s also into shows like The Morning Show and The Servant and of course, classic SNL re-reuns. As for […]

HOLY COW... I was definitely not ready for this one!

There are 7 new shows that debuted this fall in SERIOUS danger of being cancelled sooner than later…the worst so far is actually an old show they brought back on the CW. Wanna see ’em? Click HERE.

Follow @RachelBogle It looks like we weren’t the only ones shocked by the news that Michael Strahan is LEAVING Live With Kelly & Michael. He reportedly didn’t tell co-host Kelly Ripa, either. The news broke yesterday that the former NFL player would be exiting Live with Kelly & Michael, which he’s co-hosted for nearly four years, […]

Here’s a list of the most popular “secret” codes: Action & Adventure: 1365 Action Comedies: 43040 Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 1568 Action Thrillers: 43048 Adult Animation: 11881 Adventures: 7442 African Movies: 3761 Alien Sci-Fi: 3327 Animal Tales: 5507 Anime: 7424 Anime Action: 2653 Anime Comedies: 9302 Anime Dramas: 452 Anime Fantasy: 11146 Anime Features: 3063 […]

Khloe Kardashian's upcoming talk show finally has a release date.

Another month begins – another month to binge watch shows … and movies. Netflix’s monthly list of what’s coming and going from the subscription service is out. There’s plenty of opportunity to try out new shows that are just starting their second season, so it will give you tons of time to catch up. Keep […]

Shows are getting canceled left and right, but that’s show biz. There’s been a few upsets, like The Mindy Project which won’t make it to…

  Jessica Williams was added to the cast of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as a correspondent at only 22 -year-old. Clearly, we’re obsessed…

There’s many signs that you could be addicted to a TV show. I’ve watched this video more than once and I can’t say that any of these actually apply to me. There’s some crazy things that people will do when they start to get really into a TV show! Now this video might be a […]

Grab your Go-Go Juice and guard your IQs! TLC has ordered more episodes of its most popular show, the “Toddlers And Tiaras” trainwreck spin-off known as “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” While stopping shy of an (inevitable) second season order, the network just announced additional editions of the unlikely breakout hit. While TLC isn’t disclosing […]