Follow @RachelBogle Caitlyn… or Bruce? Things might get realllllllllly complicated. Sources say Caitlyn Jenner is considering transitioning back to being a man. Apparently, she isn’t finding love like she thought she would, and is still having some trouble navigating the dating world since she transitioned to being a woman but is still romantically interested in […]


Follow @RachelBogle Last night, the E! Network’s 8-part docu-series “I am Cait” premiered, documenting Caitlyn Jenner’s life and journey following her transition. Last night’s episode was all about Caitlyn meeting her family for the first time AS Caitlyn. From Kylie, to her mother, and even Kanye and Kim dropped by to meet the “her” that Caitlyn […]

It appears that Bruce Jenner has stopped filming his docuseries that would reportedly chronicle his transition from male to a female. According to TMZ, the decision to end production on the docuseries was affected by a number of factors including his concerns about his 3 sons (Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner, and Burt Jenner), and a […]

In an exclusive interview, Vlad TV sat down with rapper Chingy and spoke with him regarding the allegedly false accusations that he had once engaged in…