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Follow @RachelBogle On Friday, something amazing happened on Snapchat: The Kardashians were ACTUALLY FUNNY! Seriously, I was actually dying laughing while I was watching this play out. Kendall, Kylie, and Khloe decided to dress up as tourists from Albuquerque and take a ride around on the Hollywood Tour Bus, totally incognito. And here’s what they […]

Rapper Nelly was arrested on felony drug charges after a state trooper pulled over his tour bus in Tennessee and  found Meth and Marijuana.  The Rapper also had quite a few guns on the bus as well. Read more:

Follow @rachelbogle According to the UK’s Mirror, one of Justin Bieber’s tour busses was reportedly stopped by police on Sunday night between Detroit and Windsor, Canada (on the Ambassador Bridge), after it was suspected marijuana and drug paraphernalia was on board. And sure enough, THERE WAS! The vehicle is was held at the border between […]


Though Katy Perry is away from home, because of her world tour — she maintains certain rituals. According to, Katy snuggles up with her favorite blanket when she can’t snuggle with up hubby, Russell Brand. Katy said, “I have a little pink blanket that I snuggle into at night. I also have a dressing […]