Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow wants to start a family. He told PEOPLE mag, “I want to adopt so badly. I can’t wait. It’s definitely something I see in my future. You know what I think would be awesome? If I could adopt a kid from every continent. I think that would be a pretty cool goal,” he […]

With the recent addition of huge stars like basketball player James Harden and rapper Kanye West, the three stripes' latest signee is NFL star Tim Tebow.

The former quarterback has been training in Arizona and Los Angeles for the upcoming season. For those not familiar, baseball isn't completely new to the 28-year-old.

Tim Tebow just got dumped because he wanted to keep his V-card! Here's the details....


Happy Monday! Skip to 1:31 to see Tim Tebow shirtless by a pool.

Tim Tebow might have a football job again! Well…kind of… Here’s hoping Tim Tebow has developed a taste for women’s undergarments … he has just been offered a new job with the Lingerie Football League.     The LFL — now known as Legends Football League — sent Tebow’s agent a letter moments ago, offering […]

Man those TiVo commercials really must’ve impressed some people, so much that he’s now getting offers to be an ACTOR! Thanks to our friends over at TMZ for this juicy tidbit about my future husband (who doesn’t know it yet..). Forget the NFL, Tim Tebow is playing for Team Jesus next year  … ON THE BIG […]

ESPN lead anchor, Hannah Storm, was anchoring Super Bowl Media coverage when her and fellow NFL analyst Mark Schlereth were caught live unknowingly on camera bashing Tim Tebow’s football skills. Here is the transcript: Storm: The what? Schlereth: It’s like a tight-end/h-back? Storm: Oh yeaaaah. Well that’s interesting. Schlereth: But I’m going to tell you. […]

After a dismal 34-0 loss to the San Francisco 49ers this past weekend, which included a mere 103 passing yards by QB Mark Sanchez, Gang…

This is why they play the games. The New York Jets, who could not sniff the endzone during the preseason, ran up the score on…

JETS backup quarterback Tim Tebow is taking legal action against a company selling T-shirts featuring the words “MY Jesus” in a design similar to the “NY Jets” logo, TMZ reported Wednesday, citing a cease-and-desist letter from his lawyers. In a letter sent last month, lawyers for Tebow demanded that Cubby Tees stop selling the T-shirts […]

Peyton Manning will become the next quarterback of the Denver Broncos, barring a snag during intensified contract negotiations that have commenced under the instruction of the four-time MVP to his agent Tom Condon, according to multiple sources. Once the Manning deal becomes official, Denver will try to trade Tim Tebow, according to sources. http://player.espn.com/player.js?pcode=1kNG061cgaoolOncv54OAO1ceO-I&width=576&height=324&externalId=espn:7709252&thruParam_espn-ui%5BautoPlay%5D=false&thruParam_espn-ui%5BplayRelatedExternally%5D=true Read […]