I found an article that gives the 5 ways to “divorce-proof” your marriage. It’s written by an actual Dr/Psychologist so you KNOW it’s good. I wanted to take the 5 ways and use them to test Joe on how well he is doing in his marriage. Click here for the article spoiler alert….he didn’t do […]

Imagine you’re getting married. You’re wearing a white gown and it’s perfect. A moment you’ve dreamt of since you were basically 5 years old. You walk into the ceremony and you see you’re soon-to-be mother in-law in an ALL WHITE FLOOR LENGTH DRESS. What do you do? Slap her, kick her out, break off the […]

A Louisiana man was caught on video stealing his neighbor’s surveillance camera. The man was seen entering his neighbor’s garage and stealing several items, including the camera. The victim got an alert on his phone that someone was in his home and called the police. The thief noticed the camera was rolling after going back […]

A Nevada mom was trying to help her son quit smoking and got him a vape pen, but that backfired when the vape pen blew up in his mouth, click here Cell Phones Might Be Causing Horns to Grow on Young People’s Skulls, click here An Uber Eats driver was caught tugging it in his car […]

David Ortiz Update after being shot in Dominican Republic, click here Over 33,000 lbs of cocaine was seized on a ship in the port of Philadelphia, click here A young boy was kicked out of his kindergarten graduation after swearing at his teacher, click here Pot bars are now a thing this wedding season, especially […]

This girl for the Dummy of the Day CLEARLY has never been on a plane in her LIFE. In one moment she made every passenger on that plane her enemy. listen below:

I, Liv the Web Girl, have a guy friend who went on FIVE dates with a girl. They would make dinner together, hook up, stay the night together, everything. They were basically dating. Then on the 5th date they were staying the night with each other and during some late night pillow talk she revealed […]

A man in Florida was riding his motorcycle when a lightning strike hit his helmet, for more info click here A pilot is dead after the helicopter he was flying crashed into the roof of a skyscraper, for more info click here David Ortiz landed in Boston last night after he was shot at a club […]

Alex found out this weekend that she went viral on Reddit awhile ago….and had no idea. After bringing that up, we found out Lenny, our guy in Houston Texas, went viral. He wasn’t alone. Porkchop went viral for wearing an adult diaper. AHHHHH, I’M CRYING. I will PAY someone if they can find this viral footage […]

Joe gave us an update on his marriage counseling and he might have to quit his job and find a new career to save his marriage. Joe says it is just impossible for him to separate his work life and his personal life. He can never turn off thinking about work and trying to find […]

A 97-year-old D-Day veteran from San Diego, parachuted into Normandy A new viral video shows a rescue helicopter spinning a stretcher uncontrollably  There is a new pillow that helps couples spoon Called the Coodle, view the pillow here “Baby Shark” is coming to TV NBA Finals: Raptors 123 Warriors 109. Raptors lead the series 2-1 […]

Former Broward County Deputy Scot Peterson has been arrested A black hotel employees response to a racist woman has gone viral A group in Boston is throwing a “Straight Parade”