Try to follow this little rundown of the story – IT’S WORTH IT! a) Women’s iPhone gets stolen b) Thief somehow (not sure how) is able to text c) Thief texts woman’s brother b) Brother messes with the thief via text & it’s EPIC! Wanna read the exchange? It’s amazing! I was laughing so hard […]

Now-a-days it’s all about digital video right? Believe it or not VCRs are a) still around and B) STILL BEING MADE!!!!! Until next week…the last VCR will be made by Funai this month. If you wanna get a new relic you should do it sooner than later. Why are they ending the VCR? Click HERE.

Amber Rose held down the Interactive portion of the SXSW Festival in Austin yesterday with the official launch of her innovative new 3D character created by Zoobe, a leading character voice-messaging app.


There’s a toilet that is a) water free b) makes clean water from the waste water & c) CHARGES YOUR PHONE!!! I want one!!! This thing looks so cool right? I think that needs to be in my house!

This isn't a scene straight out of "Fight Club." This is really happening.

The Kardashian ladies launched their brand new websites this week, and as it turns out, Kylie Jenner's is the most popular by far.

Tap and hold an app to enter editing mode. Create a new folder by placing an app on top of another. As soon as the two apps merge to create a folder, quickly drag the existing folder in the newly formed one before it can set.  Now anytime someone says “can I use your phone?” […]

If you woke up this morning wondering why Cookie Monster was trending, it’s because the good folks at Apple have a sense of humor. Grab your iPhone and…

Introducing…the 360 camera! Top left corner. Have fun!

Wednesday, the 12th, Tim Cook announced the new iPhone 5. There was a lot of fervor around that bit of news which everyone and their…