Taylor Swift sex tape

Courtesy of TMZ: Taylor Swift got a federal judge to fan girl out in a legal victory in which her Honor snatched the singer’s lyrics to make her point. A songwriter had sued Taylor, claiming she stole his song “Haters Gone Hate” in creating “Shake it Off.”   Judge Gail Standish wasn’t having it, and […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW This is true.  Taylor Swift is now buying porn sites… But why?! TMZ Reports:  Taylor Swift is one step ahead of porn peddlers who want to use her name to hawk their wares. Taylor snatched up the domain name, TaylorSwift.porn and TaylorSwift.adult.  The move comes a couple of months before domain names with […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // And then THIS happened…… We could be seeing Taylor Swift nudes hitting the internet any day now…. While Taylor Swift was relaxing in Hawaii, her social media team was having a rough time trying to keep the star’s Twitter and Instagram from being hacked! The hackers were able to get ahold of […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // It’s no secret that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have an open feud going! Well now that Katy Perry has the stage during Halftime at the Big game this year, word is that she’s planning on showing Taylor who’s the boss!! According to Reports on HollywoodLife.com: “Katy is in complete rehearsal mode […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // Well this is where things get interesting… Some pics have surfaced of Taylor Swift making out with Victoria’s Secret supermodel Karlie Kloss. Check em out here!!

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, there’s some unreleased songs that I’ve come accross that you need to hear now! Essential listening for all Swifties! ;) Starting it off with #9 on the next page!

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // It’s already a pretty star studded show as it is! But now there’s a new member of the voice and EVERYONE is talking about it! Check out who was added here!!

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // This happens to celebs all the time.  People sometimes try to make an extra buck off of them.  I’m not sure who’s to blame this time! TMZ Reports:  Taylor Swift apparently needed a motorcade normally reserved for heads of state … and she wanted to be treated like one … this according to […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // So awesome when celebs do this for their fans! This is amazing. Totally made his and everyone else’s day! Taylor Swift recently visited Boston Children’s to see 6-Year old Jordan Brave and give him a special performance! Check it out here:

We’ve all had bad neighbors.  We deal with it in our own way.  But I’ve found a list of a few celebs that are really horrible neighbors.  I’m tellin ya, there’s 11 celebs on this list, and #8 blew me away!  Wait til you see who it is and what reasons they’re on the list!  […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // Now why would anyone want to hurt Taylor Swift?! I mean sure she’s moving rocks off of a coastline to make changes to her house, but that doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. As with any famous person, Taylor Swift has a stalker… This guy has taken it to the extreme with some of […]

They’re SO different!!  So far we’ve been “Blessed” with Twerkin, a Naughty VMA performance, Wrecking Ball, and now the newest single “23”. I’m thinking that Miley has had this planned for a long time. To unleash totally on all of us and completely take over 2013! Take a look at the huge difference between Taylor […]