Follow @rachelbogle I always said I would NEVER get a tattoo unless it was something that really meant something. Not like a boyfriends name or some misspelled deep quote in another language. And I know some people might think BFF tattoos are super hokey, but yes…I have a best friend tattoo. I got it several […]

Follow @rachelbogle YAY! FINALLY MILEY CYRUS MAKES HEADLINES FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN TWERKING! But this time it’s still not a good look. I guess she really could wear any less clothes than she already does, smoke any more weed than she already does, or cut her hair much shorter without looking like Demi Moore in […]

In the video below, learn about one fantasy football league with more than just pride or money on the line. What if when you lost, you had to get a horrific tattoo?

Now I’ve seen some really crazy tatts. I’m a hug fan of Tattoos.  I have 3 myself! But when it comes to covering up the ones that you regret getting, there’s only 2 ways to do it. You can remove it completely, which apparently hurts more than getting the tatt. Or you can cover it […]

After welcoming her first child, son Sebastian “The Bash” Taylor Thomaz, with the rapper on Feb. 21, the 29-year-old model decided to get some new ink on her arm in honor the father of her child. The new mom shared a photo on Instagram Wednesday, Apr. 17, showing a close-up shot of the tattoo, which is an image […]

Obviously every one of these tattoos featured in this blog have meaning behind it. Ok Maybe not every single one, but usually to the people that get them, there’s meaning. I found an article of musicians who have really awesome tattoos, and others that have off the wall tattoos! Like Christina Perri, she has a […]

Katy Perry and Russell Brand definitely are more in love than ever!!! And to celebrate the continuance of their love/to satisfy their wild sides, they both went to get inked together after Katy’s free concert last week. Katy let legendary tattoo artist Bang Bang swirl a smiling peppermint on her right inner ankle while Russell […]

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Whoops! Looks like Rihanna should have consulted your high school French teacher before getting her latest tattoo. The music superstar’s newest ink reads “rebelle fleur,” but someone forgot to tell the ‘Rude Boy’ singer that in French, adjectives typically follow the nouns they modify. To translate as “rebel flower,” which we assume is what she […]

Rihanna is spending some time with Matt Kemp in NYC before he’s back to playing ball.

When I’m out and about, I see plenty of women rockin’ the ink. Most of it isn’t that bad, and some of it is just plain sexy. But some of these girls should have had a shock-collar with them when they went to the tattoo parlor. Tattoos are incredibly popular right now, so here’s my […]

Article via our pals at Khloe & Lamar Show Their Love With Ink! No, not with a marriage license! People, please! There is a process! First, you throw a televised ceremony. Then, you argue over pre-nup arrangements. Then, you get tattoos proclaiming your love and THEN, you can make it official. Hope all you […]