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Follow @RachelBogle Last night, Beyoncé absolutely STOLE the show during the Halftime Show…but there was a moment that you might have missed which could have thrown off her whole #Formation. SHE ALMOST FELL! Check out the moment here: Perfect save…but then again it’s Beyoncé.


Follow @RachelBogle I’m not gonna lie, I was looking forward to THIS moment more than anything else last night. No offense to Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Coldplay, and their fantastic halftime show… and of course the game itself. But in case you missed it, Lady Gaga marched out there in her patriotic red suit, red and […]

Two 17-year-old brothers died on the bobsled track at the Canada Olympic Park in Calgary.

Courtesy of People: Here’s how it all goes down, layer-by-layer: burrito-sized tortillas, shredded cheese, the contents of beef taco (no official word on what happened to those tortillas), lasagna noodles, 8 entire burritos, refried beans (again, scooped straight out of a bean burrito), nacho cheese, more lasagna noodles, 16 cheese rollups, mild sauce (we would’ve gone with fire […]

Follow @RachelBogle We are just TWO DAYS away from the biggest game of the year! And yesterday, Coldplay was in San Fran to speak with the media about their upcoming Pepsi Halftime Show performance. Now, of course, in these press conferences each year there’s always an array of questions…from good ones that actually make sense, […]

Professional athletes have it all: star power, talent, money, and of course, beautiful women.

Cam Newton has kept pretty busy this week leading up to his first-ever Super Bowl appearance, but he still found the time to do a good deed.

Follow @RachelBogle YASSSS! The Big Game is just DAYS AWAY, but the NFL is keeping things exciting by announcing yesterday that LADY GAGA IS SINGING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM! The addition of the singer contributes to the big game’s already star-studded musical lineup: Coldplay and Beyonce will play during the halftime show. Additional acts including Bruno […]


Follow @RachelBogle This is always one of the highlights of the viral video world every year for me and probably half of planet Earth… I present to you “BAD LIP READING 2016: Part One” Ahhh! I can’t WAIT for Part 2!

As Super Bowl 50 gets closer and closer, companies have begun rolling out snippets of their commercials during the primetime event.