50 Cent and Rick Ross have been at it for years through music, social media and the legal system. 50 Cent isn’t relenting two days before Christmas. A…

In an unexpected twist, Rita Ora has filed a lawsuit against Roc Nation with hopes of being let out of her contract.

Justin Bieber‘s legal team is once again jumping to his aid after nude pics of the star on vacation in Bora Bora with rumored girlfriend Jayde Pierce hit the internet. According to reports, a legal team repping Bieber sent a cease and desist letter to multiple media outlets threatening to sue if they posted the three […]

Uh oh…this will not be good! We know what happens to people who merely tweet something negative about Queen Bey…so these ladies better duck and…

So according to TMZ, the Insane Clown Posse is beyond upset that the United States Federal Government has labeled their followers who call themselves “Juggalos” as a dangerous…

According to TMZ, when Bieber wants people to stop talking about him, HE IS SERIOUS. The good news is Justin Bieber WILL invite you to one of his house parties (maybe…). The bad news is, if you talk about it—he’s gonna sue your ass for $5 million.   TMZ obtained and posted a copy of […]

JETS backup quarterback Tim Tebow is taking legal action against a company selling T-shirts featuring the words “MY Jesus” in a design similar to the “NY Jets” logo, TMZ reported Wednesday, citing a cease-and-desist letter from his lawyers. In a letter sent last month, lawyers for Tebow demanded that Cubby Tees stop selling the T-shirts […]


Lindsay Lohan is suing the rapper Pitbull for using her name in his hit song “Give Me Everything.” Five months after its release, Lindsay thinks she was defamed by the rapper, who sings, “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” Ne-Yo and Afrojack, who cowrote the song, are also defendants in the case. Lohan […]

T-Pain is suing the one thing that made him famous…auto-tune! The singer/rapper is suing the auto-tune originator Antares Technologies to try and distance himself from them so he can now create his own voice-manipulation product and call it The T-Pain Effect. His lawsuit claims Antares “uses his image and likeness in advertisements, packaging and marketing […]

Does anyone remember Shaq’s former mistress Vanessa Lopez? I know she fine right? Well she sued Shaq for EMOTIONAL DISTRESS and HARASSMENT after he broke up with her a few months ago. Well Shaq Daddy Diesel has definitely got a scorned woman on his hands. Here is the latest on the Vanessa and Shaq saga […]