social distancing

The time has finally come when Jack Black takes on TikTok. He made his debut appearance on the app shirtless and wearing cowboy boots – I wouldn’t expect anything less. The comedian performed what he calls the “#StayAtHome Dance” for his followers. Let’s also give credit where it’s due because Jack Black has some serious […]

Selena Gomez shared on Instagram what content she’s been watching/reading/and listening to while staying at home. She’s got a pretty good taste in movies with recommendations like Jennifer’s Body, American Hustle, Uncut Gems, Clueless, and Zodiac. She’s also into shows like The Morning Show and The Servant and of course, classic SNL re-reuns. As for […]

This is social distancing done right. On Monday, Chrissy Teigen made a plea on twitter for some romaine lettuce. She made the proposition, “I’ll make a banana bread for anyone that has romaine lettuce. The trade will be made 6 feet apart and we will place the goods on the floor. no funny business” Obviously […]

The Hallmark Channel is delivering during this crisis with a Hallmark Christmas movie marathon airing this weekend. The marathon started Friday at noon and will run until 6pm on Sunday wrapping up with Christmas in Rome starring Lacey Chabert. According to ET Online, Hallmark will air 27 original “Countdown to Christmas” holiday films from recent years in […]

Netflix and chill isn’t entirely cancelled. Google Chrome has created an extension called Netflix Party that allows groups of friends to simultaneously stream any Netflix movie/show on their computers at the same time. There is also chat room features so you can share your reactions as you watch. It’s a pretty simple process to enjoy […]

Here’s a list of some fun things to keep you busy while you’re stuck at home during quarantine or while practicing social distancing: Deep clean your house Reorganize furniture Goal setting At-home manicure/pedicure Learn and cook new recipes Read a book Paint your house Paint a canvas Look through old pictures Start a new TV […]