Today’s Joe Wants To Know was about awkward things that happened or were said when you were having sex. Joe’s wife accidentally said to him… Why won’t you have sex with the dogs? when she meant to say with them in the room. Connect with me on all social media @JoePeshRadio Snapchat – JoePeshRadio Instagram – Facebook […]

Today started out normal, we were just going down memory lane talking about our favorite memories from the show the past year when Lexi called and things got…weird…

STEALING?!? LATENESS?!? SEX on a B.DUBS table?!? How did YOU get FIRED?!?

Ginger hooked up with a guy…and then realized he was a THUMB SUCKER! You’ve gotta hear these sex HORROR STORIES!

Ever wake up heading to JAIL…or maybe worse, to someone “WETTING” the BED?!? You’ve gotta hear these ONE NIGHT STAND HORROR STORIES!

Was it people MAKING OUT?!? Was it someone NAKED in a MOVIE?!? Was it a straight up SEX SCENE?!? What’s the most AWKWARD thing you’ve sat there and WATCHED…with your PARENTS?!?

Alex’s friend THINKS that the guy she’s hooking up with MIGHT have HERPES!!! Should she bring it up to him?!? Would YOU?!?

How have YOU or “someone you know” been caught having sex?!? Listen to some of these stories!


Yesterday Kelly Ripa’s co-host was her husband Mark Consuelos they were sorta airing out their dirty laundry & she didn’t hold back…I laughed. I don’t know any guy that would be “mean” – normally we’re thanking you!!!

A Florida substitute teacher was arrested Friday and charged with unlawful sex with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor after she allegedly got him drunk and had sex with him.

Amber Rose can no longer be called Wiz Khalifa‘s ex-wife or Kanye West‘s ex-girlfriend, because Muva Rosebud is making a name for herself. According to reports, the Dancing With The Stars contestant will be paid $8 million for a meet-and-greet world tour with topics centered on sex and love called the Amber Rose Live Tour. It is set […]