We talked about the drastic things we did as kids to get out of going to school. We thought our’s were good, but I mean DAMN. The people that called in blew our’s out of the WATER.

On today’s #AskAlex…Elizabeth called in and confessed that she made out with HER DAUGHTER’S TEACHER! As they round “second base”…it seems that someone might’ve seen them! You’ve gotta hear the whole story!

Were you a bad ass little kid?!? Today we talked about the things we’ve all done to get in trouble at school…hell, even suspended and kicked out!

Even though Rihanna didn’t go to college she wants to pay for you. Here’s the catch…if you HAVEN’T been accepted to school you aren’t eligible…but if you HAVE been accepted you can still win it. Free money for school is good money right? Wanna see what you need to do to get the money? Click […]


Follow @RachelBogle It’s WELL-documented, not only in Indianapolis, but all over the country that lots of school lunches are not up to par. From “hot meals” that are served still partially frozen, to cold meals that are served warm, spoiled milk, greasy lasagna, weird mystery meat….the list goes on and on. Some parents say: “It […]

We were all in it together! Every kid left school with a bag full of candy and a happy heart.


Follow @RachelBogle 90’s kids unite! It’s time for a blast from the past!

Three Long Island high schoolers have been arrested for hacking into their school system to change grades and schedules for 300 students.

A four-year-old was subjected to embarrassment when a teacher allegedly told his mother the student was “evil” and “sinister” for being left-handed. Alisha Sands said…


Follow @RachelBogle This is awesome…. that’s really all there is to say. Last weekend, on his show “Last Weekend Tonight,” John Oliver took on some of the issues with sex education in America. He made some valid points, but the REAL awesome part was when he aired the most epic celebrity-filled sex-ed video ever. THIS […]

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