We never expected to hear Chris Brown and Rihanna on a track ever again – but never say never, right? Interestingly enough, someone leaked an unreleased song that was…

After a six-year marriage to Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon had to be ready for a fresh start. And he seems to be getting it. The…

While some women are out waiting for their boyfriends to propose to them one day this woman’s boyfriend asked her to marry him 365 days in a row. Check out the video below and click here for the full story:

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // I’m sure you’ve been there before!  A guy leaves the room, or leaves in general.  Here’s a list of the 6 things that ladies may talk about when a guy isn’t around! #5 on the next page!

Credit: Getty Images-Axelle/Bauer-Griffin It looks like Nick Young and Iggy Azalea started the Christmas giving a little early this year. The “Fancy” singer bought her basketball boyfriend a 1962 Blue Impala for Christmas. Nick Young, a player for the Los Angeles Lakers,  gave Iggy a pretty heart-shaped pendant in return. Check out pics below:     […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW Found a really interesting list that’s trending online now! It talks about the 8 signs that you should call it quits in a relationship Check out the full list here!!

Follow @Rachelbogle This is epic. Breaking up in person is such an old world tactic, and many people have sought out alternative methods. Emails seem impersonal, and speaking on the phone can result in having to listen to sobbing for hours. A text message can be to the point, prompt, while being simultaneously personal and […]

Life is good for Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.  She is a model and he has one of the best voices on the planet.  The couple is now one year into their marriage and evidently she is a lot more comfortable discussing their relationship.  In a recent interview with Us Weekly, she talked about their […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // Well this is interesting, and I’m going to paste the link of the email exactly how I found it online, so if there’s some typos, it’s directly from the source of the original email. This guy finds out that his Girlfriend has a little side action going on, and decides to let her […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // And the douche of the day goes toooooooo: Steven Fisher, 20 years old and from Hatfield Garden Village, Herts. He got this amazing idea to date 3 different ladies at the same time. According to Buzzfeed: “Steven had apparently been playing Becky Connery, 17, Lizzie Leeland-Cunningham, 19, and another girl, who doesn’t […]

Follow @rachelbogle Ahh yes, tis the season. Whether you’ve already dealt with the hurt and drama of your boo celebrating a “Single Summer” with his boys, accidentally letting it slip his mind that he does indeed have a girlfriend. Crazy how that happens right? OR, if you just need to mentally prepare yourself for the […]