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My AIM screen name…”banditplaya05″ According to ESPN: In a recent interview, ESPN asked Rob Gronkowski and Odell Beckham Jr. the hard questions – like what their first AIM screen names were. Gronk’s answer was particularly Gronk-y. What was your first AIM screen name? Gronk: ChickMagnet4Lyfe. [We cannot confirm spelling.] Also worth noting is both players’ favorite […]

McDonald’s once had James Franco’s back. And now Franco is returning the favor. Courtesy of Washington Post by James Franco McDonald’s sales have slumped. Maybe the public wants healthier food. Maybe there’s too much competition. Maybe people aren’t into the chipotle barbecue snack wrap. McDonald’s leaders have vowed to reverse the downturn by recommitting to “hot, fresh food,” […]

Who do you prefer? If you chose Seth Rogen (on the right) you prefer “dad bods”! “The less you care, the more appealing you become!” That is, in my opinion, the mission statement of dad bods. Good news for the Jason Segel’s, Seth Rogen’s and (now) Leonardo DiCaprio’s of the world! So I’m saying SCREW […]

McDREAMY IS DEAAAAAAAAAD! Because your DVR/SWEATPANTS nights will never feel complete again, ABC put together a tribute video to Derek Shepherd.     I’ll give you some time…                                                         […]

Approach: 10/10 Form: 10/10 Landing: -8000/10

Sam Smith to start singing HAPPY songs? That all depends on the fate of Smith’s NEWFOUDND relationship with model Jonathan “Jongo” Zeizel. The couple became “INSTA-OFFICIAL” over the holidays. PHOTOS —> HERE! According to E!: Sam Smith and boyfriend Jonathan Zeizel crossed that threshold over the holidays, going public on the photo-sharing site with some […]

After doing THIS…to ex-girlfriend Christy Mack, former MMA fighter War Machine wishes he would’ve done things differently. TMZ Reports: War Machine thinks his ex-gf Christy Mack got off easy when he beat the hell out of her — because he could have flat out killed her and gotten away with it if the attack went […]

In an effort to promote his upcoming album, Nick Jonas appears shirtless in a spread for FLAUNT magazine. Put purity rings in the past, Nick in burrrrrrrnin’ up for you bayyyyybaaaaayyy. Jonas has buffed up for his role as an MMA fighter in the new series Kingdom. The DirecTV series is set to debut October 8th.

Face it. The iPhone 6 is a NERD. It’s brain (A8 chip) is top of its class. It fits easily into lockers. And physically…it’s bendable. #BENDGATE has kept iPhone 6 buyers on EDGE. But just how much bend can the honor-roll student take? Let’s put it in an arena it has a fair chance in…a […]

Tonight I debuted One Direction’s NEWEST single “Steal My Girl”. And because of the overwhelming demand via the phones and Twitter, I played it EVERY hour until midnight. In case you have yet to hear it.

Last night ABC debuted Season 6 of their SMASH-SUCCESS reality show Shark Tank  with a two-hour special. Of all the emotional pleas for the money-saturated sharks to invest…one man, Phillip Lupaz, had more than his company’s success at stake. Photo from: TMZ Was his heart-felt pitch enough strike a partnership? Watch for yourself:

All season long…ESPN made you care about Derek Jeter’s final season. And since the New York Yankees are eliminated from playoff contention, this media-fueled flame is dimming. BUT…with one swing of the bat, Jeter gave this storyline a HARD BURST of lighter fluid. In his final home performance, in front of a sold-out Yankee Stadium…Jeter did —> […]