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A Florida man was sentenced to one year of probation after he was caught with 43 turtles inside a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack.

-A new PSA has been produced by Sandy Hook Promise -Mom gives birth to baby at Jack In The Box  -Watch 13 Steven King movies by Halloween and Earn $1,300  Let’s Connect: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | 

Two Amish men ran from sheriff’s deputies after they were pulled over in Trumbull County, Ohio leaving behind a horse-drawn buggy that had beer and a stereo system inside   Let’s Connect: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | 

-Gas prices are expected to go up .10-.20 cents in the next week  -Mom attacks a woman for not saying excuse me inside of a Target  -The Navy confirms leaked UFO video is real -New Food Item coming soon from KFC  Let’s Connect: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | 

-Instagram Influencer Makes $100,000+ with her 6 inch tongue -College Game day Sign Raises For $5,000 for Charity -Disney Bedtime Hotline Now through September 30th -Librarian finds Taco in a donated book   Let’s Connect: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | 

Today’s Dummy of The Day is none other than Captain America.  Let’s Connect: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | 

A high school teacher was arrested school in North Carolina after she stored a gun in her classroom for a student, and shortly before they posed with the weapon on Snapchat, threatening to “shoot-up” the school. The 25-year-old woman stored the handgun in a draw in her classroom after a student asked her to look […]