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Courtesy of EOnline: Kris Jenner will be the first person to admit she’s still dealing with a lot of emotions surrounding Caitlyn Jenner‘s transition. In the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar—in which she takes on a circus costume, dressed up as a lion tamer and posing with some clowns—the reality star momager opens up about […]

Courtesy of TMZ: A massive crane careened to the ground in New York City Friday, killing one person and injuring at least 15 others, and flattening cars and other property. The crane stretched more than a New York City block. It happened in the TriBeCa area of New York at 8:30 AM, smack in the […]

Courtesy of People: Here’s how it all goes down, layer-by-layer: burrito-sized tortillas, shredded cheese, the contents of beef taco (no official word on what happened to those tortillas), lasagna noodles, 8 entire burritos, refried beans (again, scooped straight out of a bean burrito), nacho cheese, more lasagna noodles, 16 cheese rollups, mild sauce (we would’ve gone with fire […]

Courtesy of Eater: The potato is a great tuber. It can be prepared in all sorts of ways, and without it, french fries wouldn’t exist. But, is the potato so great that its likeness is worth a million bucks? Apparently so, because the Independent reports a European businessman has purchased this photo of a potato for […]