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Follow @RachelBogle When it comes to beauty, no sh*t is off limits. Literally. Not even BIRD SH*T. Here’s one woman’s harrowing tale of how she spent almost $200 to have bird poop put on her face for “better skin.” Her name is Candice Jalili and she’s a brave soul. She also documented the whole adventure for Elite Daily. […]


There’s a toilet that is a) water free b) makes clean water from the waste water & c) CHARGES YOUR PHONE!!! I want one!!! This thing looks so cool right? I think that needs to be in my house!

If you happened to miss ‘Dateline’ on NBC over the weekend, you missed Al Roker admitting he ‘pooped himself’ at the White House! The story being told was about his battle with the scale and how he had issues post surgery. You have to watch out for those sharts! Listen to what he said here […]