Selena Gomez shared on Instagram what content she’s been watching/reading/and listening to while staying at home. She’s got a pretty good taste in movies with recommendations like Jennifer’s Body, American Hustle, Uncut Gems, Clueless, and Zodiac. She’s also into shows like The Morning Show and The Servant and of course, classic SNL re-reuns. As for […]

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Today we had a listener who called in & asked us how she should handle her new boyfriend who is a ~selfish lover~

Liv covers the story of Robert Durst. A real estate heir who got away with murder, THREE TIMES, literally, is FINALLY getting what he deserves....

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Porkchop admitted FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME that his current boyfriend says something that reminds him of his ex…. listen & watch below:

Ashley called in for Group Therapy because she had no idea how to handle a situation she's dealing with. Her Aunt, who is one of the people she's closest with, was cheated on by her husband while she was going through chemotherapy. Ashley just found out & her aunt JUST got a clean bill of health.

Joe rolled the lowest during Dare Dice.....which means he has to face the Box of Shame. He picked out the "Corona" Vaccination...which means we got to spray him with Corona's & lime..LOL

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It has come to McKinzie's attention that there are like A LOT of people pretending to be here, and most recently on REDDIT....of all places. She has had ENOUGH, and at this point can't really trust anyone or anything.

A journalist in the small city of Kicevo wrote for years about murders that he connected to all be by the same killer…turns out, it was him all along. Liv covers the story from beginning to end linking why this killer was targeting older women… listen to the full thing below:

Porkchop announced on the show Friday that he & his boyfriend of 7 years had broken up. That’s PRETTY epic, but this man is already out dating again. Listen to how his date went & what Joe and Liv think about him already being back on the dating scene.