Follow @CrashRadioNOW // That little gadget that you take with you EVERYWHERE, you know, the one you can’t live without…. It’s watching you. I’ve found a blog that reveals that tucked away in your iPhone is a log of where you’ve been… It shows where you’ve been on a map and how many times you’ve been […]


While the Pacers were busy playing game 5 of the Eastern Conference playoffs last night, Paul George’s Geist residence was being burglarized. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department released a report saying that burglary happened sometime between 745 p.m. and 1145 p.m.  This has not been a good couple of months for the Indiana Pacers, specifically, […]

The Pacers lost at Bankers Life Fieldhouse last night 107-97 and are on the verge of one, if not, the biggest collapse in NBA history.  All year long, they’ve talked about getting the #1 seed for the playoffs.  They have it and now are one game away from getting booted from the playoffs.  At one […]

Follow @rachelbogle Wait…is this the NBA or pre-school? Just wondering after seeing THIS story come out today from Yahoo Sports columnist Adrian Mojnarowski. Now that embarrassing loss in our first game against the Hawks make s lot more sense. SMH…   Check it some of his report below: “On the eve of this Eastern Conference […]


“Could I get a ‘W, please?’  Charles Barkley called out the Indiana Pacers yesterday by saying they are ‘wussies.’  He ranted about how all year they talked about getting the #1 seed and then played like ‘dogs’ Saturday night.  Barkley wanted to call the Pacers something else, but knew it would be a good idea […]

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Get off the tracks when the train is coming through, LeBron! Last night, the Pacers beat the Heat at Bankers Life Fieldhouse 84-83! On their way to victory, Paul George blew by LeBron James and gave us all a highlight to cheer about. Watch this! Check out another one of Paul George’s in your face […]

A very cool moment happened this past Sunday night at Bankers Life Fieldhouse when two brothers were surprised by their brother who recently returned from Afghanistan! Aaron and Brandon Rector are both G2 fan zone members and were set up by the Pacers organization to do an in game shooting contest! However, they had no […]


Lance Stephenson, AKA ‘Born Ready,’ AKA ‘ Sir-Lance-Alot, took a nasty fall last night when the Pacers took on the Atlanta Hawks!  Even crazier than the fall, is the fact he still made the circus shot! WATCH:


Last night, Pacers & NBA All Star guard, Paul George, made an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’  They talked fashion and his dunk of the year so far! Miss it?  We got you.  Watch the interview below!   PART I PART II  


3rd year Pacers guard, Lance Stephenson, is having his best year so far of his young NBA career. He has had such a good season in fact he should be considered for the NBA All Star game on February 16th in New Orleans. Without the big name though of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and even […]