Follow @rachelbogle A broken leg can’t stop Pacers star Paul George! Well…it sort of can, but not from accepting his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! (FYI, it’s less than a month after he sustained his gruesome injury at the Team USA basketball exhibition in Las Vegas). Yesterday he posted this picture to let everyone know that he was preparing for […]

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Follow @rachelbogle Paul George is currently recovering from a successful surgery following a horrific injury that happened during the Team USA scrimmage on Friday in Las Vegas, which resulted in a compound fracture of the tibia and fibula….and made all of us who watched or saw photos just cringe. And FYI: out of respect for […]

The clock is ticking on Lance Stephenson and there is a very big decision to be made on where he will end up for the 2014-2015 NBA Season. As we all know Lance turned down a five-year, $44 million contract with the Pacers. He felt he was being “low balled” and could definitely get more […]

The Pacers are trying to stay alive tonight as they do battle with The Heat in Miami. Before the game, let’s have a good laugh! That boy Lance is a FOOL and the internet is no better. Check out some of the Best Memes of Lance Stephenson. Can The Pacers Beat The Wizards? [POLL] Charles […]

Paul George and the Pacers saved themselves from elimination last night as they barely won against the Heat, and pushed the series to a game…


Follow @rachelbogle   Sooo, a few days ago Lance Stephenson was getting flack for trash talking Lebron James. But last night during game 5, he took a much quieter approach to trying to get under his rival’s skin: by blowing in his ear. Sure, it might he a weird and sort of childish move, but […]

Lance Stephenson said after game four that LeBron James weak because he began trash talking at the end of the game and said it was…

Follow @CrashRadioNOW //  And the controversy just keeps coming in!! ***This is according to*** After the Pacers Lost game 2 to the Heat, They’re in a big fight for their season, and are headed to Miami as we speak! These are SUPPOSEDLY text messages that were obtained by of a convo between Pacers […]

Hear an all new Wrong Number Flirting every Thursday at 740.  Today, Jessica wanted us to call Bryan because she saw a picture of him with another woman at the Pacers game on Tuesday night! Hear what happened!

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // This is trending big in the city today!  And I’m sayin that #6 is redic accurate!  It’s the 10 Things that only people from Indianapolis will understand!  Which one of these is your favorite?  Or did anything get left off the list?!  Check it out here!!