Mondays suck for a reason. You have to bounce back from whatever type of weekend you endured and get back to the grind! Mondays are also a fresh start though. Here are 4 ways that will help you start your week off right, no matter what kind of weekend you had: Plan your week. Set […]

Monday's can be like REALLY hard. To help you kick it into gear & start your week off just right, we share stories to help motivate you & inspire you!

Today McKinzie took a look at The Spontaneous Combustion of Mary Reeser.  An unsolved mystery like non-other!

Joe: Two time cancer survivor from wins $4.6 million jackpot McKiznie: Text message sent to wrong number leads to act of kindness Porkchop: 4 year old donating bone marrow to save her infant brother

Joe talks about a guy is helping out students who are applying to college, click here Liv talks about a 6 year old helping his classmates, click here Porkchop shares a story about a bartender who gets an unexpected tip, click here

Monday’s are the WORST, so we decide to help wake you up & get you to work with these motivating stories! Joe shared a story of a substitute teacher who gave his nice pair of dress shoes right off his feet & to a student. The student’s shoes broke right before he was about to […]

On today’s #MurderMonday…Ashley Flowers tells us the REAL Amityville Horror Story! We do Murder Monday to help bring awareness to Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana!  Because of this organization…over 7,000 open cases have been cleared and over 5,800 arrests have been made. Since they aren’t government funded…Crime Stoppers relies on a fundraiser every year to […]

You may have seen this viral baby Mila speaking her mind on all kinds of subjects.  She already talks like an adult with a sassy attitude.  Watch how she says what many of us think about the gym life.  


Monday night Lady Gaga wasn’t feeling well so she canceled her show in Montreal BUT went to Twitter to invite Little Monsters to your hotel! A lot of reports of 25-30 fans showed up for free pizza. Gaga even went to the top of her hotel to say hi.

Coco Austin's post-baby body is so fantastic, it's easy to forget she was ever pregnant.