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Follow @CrashRadioNOW // Macklemore was on the front lines in his hometown, joining the protests of the decision made in Ferguson last night. TMZ Reports: Rapper Macklemore was one of thousands of people who protested in the streets Monday night following the decision in Ferguson, MO not to file charges against the cop who shot […]

This is really cool.  It just shows that the song is easily adaptable into different genres of music. There’s an Orchestra that took the notes to Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” and made it into their kind of song! It sounds really cool to hear the song performed a different way. There’s no lyrics obviously, but […]

This is awesome! Always great when someone wants to take 2 songs that are from a different era of music and put them both together into a mashup. TLC’s “No Scrubs” paired up with the instrumental to “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore sounds really awesome! I’ve posted a few of these types of mashups before and this one […]