Listen At Work

P!nk is pretty much doing whatever she wants now-a-days. She thought trying country music was a good idea…called up Kenny Chesney & they made “Setting The World On Fire.” Give a listen…


Sometimes when you go out you drink too much…happens. Sometimes you forget what you did last night…happens. Sometimes if you drink too much you get 75 feet in the air & pass out on a glass roof…happens…at least it happened. Of course the guy that passed out has NO idea how he got there. Check […]


The video of the woman twerking & ripping her dress show ALL of her assets (in the back) went viral over the weekend…haven’t seen it? This is FANTASTIC!!


If this is true it’s ANOTHER case of the guy just screwing the relationship up! So…we’re hearing rumors Taylor Swift was the one behind THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME FOR (ya know Calvin’s new song with Rihanna) but she was PISSED when Calvin said he would never work with her (check the interview with Ryan […]

Today is NATIONAL FRENCH FRY DAY! Congrats on learning this just before lunch! So…there’s “the perfect way to re-heat French Fries” I guess… Check THIS out


Never would expect Christina Aguliera to cover ANYONE’S music…but when you throw Ellen into the fold all bets are off. How about the covers of Rihanna, Lady Gaga & Whitney Houston?!?!

Over the weekend Justin Bieber posted a bare butt pic from a recent camping trip…yeah Instagram went CRAZY over this…