UPDATE! We called Lauren back to find out if indeed…her boyfriend LICKED the CAT!

A New York fragrance company has created a perfume for the CRAZY CAT LADY in your life. They say that the new perfume that took 15 years to make smells like baby kittens. The new perfume is available in a wide variety of products, from sprays and roll-ons, to shower gels and body lotions. Prices […]

The AMA’s created some water cooler talk this morning! Miley Cyrus stunned, Katy Perry wore a geisha outfit, Taylor Swift was the big winner of the night, Lady Gaga got frisky w/ the ‘President,’ and Justin Timberlake, was well Justin Timberlake! Taylor Swift was the big winner of the night taking home 4 AMA’s and […]

Remember when Kanye gave his girl who’s famous from a home video a Kitten and Kim named her Mercy? Well sadly that Kitten has died. Below is from Kim’s website explaining what happened: It is with deep sadness that I have to tell you all that my kitten, Mercy, has passed away. My heart is […]


I wouldn’t condone this if there was any sort of “abuse”, but come on – she picked up a kitten, probably for a few seconds for her pic, then put the kitten down. Really. Or maybe she threw it down? Who knows? But should there really be a ruckus over this picture? I digress… Following […]