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It’s here! Katy Perry was talking about the video for Chained To The Rhythm all weekend & it’s here…check it…

Using half of Black History month to honor great Halfrican Americans with Moments In Half Black History.  This episode’s honoree is an extremely talented musician and actor Lenny Kravitz.

The Garbage 11/15/16 There is a CNN reporter who says that on Election night Hillary Clinton became drunk and physically attacked her aides Robby Mook and John Podesta around midnight and had to be physically restrained. Apparently the only reason CNN isn’t talking about it is because the reporter wanted to bring the story up […]

Destiny’s Child fans believe the group is reuniting after a verified Instagram account was launched. So far, four photos have been posted of the group. Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the group so people think its going to be prime for a reunion. Where they at, where they at? “Soldier,” featuring raps […]


Late last night Katy Perry released her new song “Rise” – it’s gonna be used for NBC to help promote the Olympics. Can’t wait for Rio! Here’s the video from this morning on “Today”

It looks like Katy Perry‘s Twitter account may have been hacked, and the person responsible made sure they got their credit. Some pretty crazy tweets were going out from the singer’s timeline on Monday, including messages like “otf gang nigga!” and a “miss u baby” tweet to Taylor Swift. The person behind it appears to be someone with […]

Follow @RachelBogle Uh ohhhhh…. Is Orlando Bloom cheating on Katy Perry with Selena Gomez?! Pictures have leaked from the weekend of the two getting VERY cozy together after her concert in Vegas… all while Katy was nowhere to be seen. TMZ has since shared photos from the night of Selena and Orlando in the Mandalay […]

Follow @RachelBogle Justin Bieber doesn’t want to take a picture with you. No offense.. But if it makes you feel any better, he doesn’t want to take a picture with any other fans either. The Biebs posted a message to his Instagram yesterday announcing that he is “done taking pictures” and won’t participate if fans see him […]

Here is the latest where his rep confirms Prince’s death. Music & Hollywood are reacting in a big way…