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Hey why not!  I mean the guy did just turn 19 and apparently had the “Worst Birthday Ever”, so why wouldn’t someone put together a list of the more ridiculous things that Justin Bieber has ever worn out in public. I wish someone would do this for Lady Gaga… But Bieber is guilty of not wearing a […]

I know I’m a little late on this, but I just saw it online.  Oh Well, Better late than never ;) Justin Bieber hasn’t had the Best Fashion sense lately, going out shopping with a gas mask on, as well as some odd outfit he was rockin the other day, and then he decides not […]

Now I’m not the best when it comes to fashion. I usually chill in the studio with jeans and a T-Shirt on… I know, typical guy!  ;)  but I clean up nice when I need to! Just like the blog I put up yesterday, Justin Bieber was caught out shopping with his friends, and he […]

Is this real life?  Are we being serious right now… Yes, Completely serious that Justin Bieber was spotted out with his entourage, shopping…. In A Gas Mask… I know he’s displayed some odd behavior since he split up with Selena Gomez, but not it seems like he’s taking it to a different level and TRYING […]

He was a little upset that he didn’t get a nod for a Grammy this year. But that kinda stuff never stops the teen sensation. So instead of attending the Grammy’s last night, Justin Bieber decided that he was going to take over the internet instead. I mean what else was he going to do?! […]

People have been camped outside 30 Rock for quite some time now, just for the opportunity to get stand by tickets for the Justin Bieber live SNL show. The singer is set to host, plus be the musical guest on the show this weekend.  I don’t know if you remember, but there’s a massive, possibly […]

Of course you can catch Justin Bieber and his brand new hobby, which is being seen in public without his shirt on. But now a new pic has surfaced on the internet of Justin Bieber and a “Lucky Fan”. She comes up to get a pic with the teen sensation, and while she’s up there, […]

Of course you wouldn’t pass up a chance to see your man Justin Bieber without a shirt on right?! What about Justin Bieber in ONLY his boxers?! As the ladies pour in for their shot at the teen sensation, Justin Bieber was recently spotted at his hotel, in nothing but his boxers. I know this […]

Now this is crazy. Someone has found Justin Bieber’s long lost twin… well sort of! Dude’s name is Robin, he’s 18 and from Belgium, and he doesn’t seem to be minding the fame that he’s getting from bein like the Bieb. People are blowing up his Twitter and Instagram.  I checked his Twitter, and he’s […]

Not really sure what point this girl is trying to make other than she really hates Justin Bieber.  But the video is really funny none the less! Already gaining more than 50K in views, She starts to tear into him about how he sings, what he looks like, and went as far as talking about […]

Of course it was going to be made…. And it’s rumored that Justin Bieber is already suing over it.  But now there’s a Justin Bieber sex-doll on the market, strategically called “Just-in BEAVER”…  Yak. It apparently runs for around $26 and It’s got quite the description on the box that’s listed in this article…  Check […]