Justin Bieber leaked pics

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // This might be the list of all Lists! lol! We all know that when we hit the clubs, there’s a few things to look out for, especially if you’re making an effort to meet someone. Ladies, not sure how many girls you know that would fall into this list, but here’s the […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // Looks like Justin Bieber has himself a little triangle goin on! We know that he’s been seen with Selena Gomez recently… And now he’s taken to Instagram and shown that he’s been hanging out with one of Selena’s besties: Kylie Jenner! Now obviously we don’t want to jump to conclusions because they […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // As if the guy doesn’t have enough going on. A lady in New York is suing over a Justin Bieber concert. What for this time?!  Spit? No. Moshpit? Negative. More like she’s upset about the price she had to pay just to get into the concert! Jessica Pollard is suing AEG, claiming it […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // Seth Rogen didn’t pull any punches when he was asked about Justin Bieber. Not only did he post a negative tweet about Bieber, which was retweeted over 200,000 times, but he went IN on the popstar when he was asked in a recent interview. Rogen Said: “In my opinion, Justin Bieber is […]

Here’s how it all starts! Childhood star grows up and starts partying and getting into the drugs and alchy, next thing you know, they’re owing people money left and right. Bring in Justin Bieber for example. Ya boy Blue owes some people money, so much that an $85,000 lien has been put on his house […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // I’m assuming Justin Bieber didn’t want us to see this video, because he later deleted it. Or maybe he knew people would take it before it was deleted, and share it all over the net. Anyways, Bieber and Selena have been getting close lately. I mean they got pretty sexy on Instagram […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // There’s “Being an ass”, and then there’s just being a full on Douchebag. Justin Bieber reached into his inner douche a few days ago during his questioning. TMZ obtained a copy of the entire 4 1/2 hour, videotaped depo … and it’s just RUDE. They boiled it down to what they thought […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW// Weed was found in a car seized by police from Justin Bieber’s Atlanta rental home after the cops pulled over Bieber’s bodyguard for taking a photogs camera and taking off. The vehicle was seized and at the time everyone was worried that the singer would have the contents of the car pinned on […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // Things are getting a little outta control in Justin Bieber’s life. A number of people have started to weigh in on how they would handle Justin Bieber in his current situation. The latest person to talk about how they would handle JB, none other than Michelle Obama! In a recent interview, The […]

One of the last people that I thought would go to rehab! Selena Gomez went last month to a rehab facility called The Meadows in Arizona for 2 weeks of treatment. She went for Alcohol, Pot, and prescription Ambien..  S he said that the majority of her decision to get to rehab was because of “That […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // TMZ was able to catch up with Senator Marco Rubio and asked him what his take was on the deportation of Justin Bieber. He said that hopes that JB gets some help because it looks like his current path will lead to worse things. He said that the senate has bigger fish to […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // Last week Justin Bieber had a run in with the police and was arrested. He eventually saw a judge and paid bail and moved on. Then there’s always that controversy, about how his BAC was off and he wasn’t speeding, blah blah blah… Well NOW he’s having to deal with something stemming […]