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Follow @RachelBogle Yesterday, video went viral of Justin Bieber in a LEGIT fist fight with another guy outside a hotel after the Cavs game 3 win. But what started the brawl? According to a Facebook video posted by the other man, Cleveland local Lamont Richmond, the Biebs started it by being a punk… and calling […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW The show hasn’t even AIRED yet and there’s already controversy!! TMZ Reports: The comedians at the Justin Bieber Roast crossed the line when they used the death of Paul Walker to mock the roastee … so says Comedy Central which is cutting the jokes from the show. Jeff Ross mocked Bieber, comparing his driving […]

Justin Bieber’s PR team hates their lives. Today TMZ released video of 14-year-old Justin Bieber singing a parody of “One Less Lonely Girl”. This one is called ” One Less Lonely N*****”. And while he’s on a heater, he goes ahead and throws the “KKK” in there for 15 Scrabble points.   Bieber apologized saying, […]