Kylie Jenner posted a picture on her Instagram story yesterday mentioning a health scare her family had with Stormi, their one year old daughter. Stormi had an allergic reaction and had to spend the day in the hospital with her parents by her side. Stormi is totally fine now, but Kylie didn’t mention what caused […]

Over the weekend nude photos of Iggy Azalea were leaked online. The topless photos were outtakes from a 2016 photoshoot she did for GQ magazine. She says the cover was supposed to be a photo of her topless BUT with her arms & hands covering her breasts, like a TON of celebs have done for GQ in […]

I have had super bad luck with people getting my number for professional reasons, like uber drivers, jimmy johns workers, etc. and then the abuse the power of having my number and decide it’s ACCEPTABLE to then text me outside of the reason of why they have my number!! Like the one time the guy […]

Gary The Conspiracy Theorist was BACK today by popular demand, and he did NOT disappoint. He has me fully convinced that Tupac AND Michael Jackson are STILL alive!!! Gary believes that Tupac is still alive and has faked his own death and here is why… 1. The “last photo” that was supposedly taken of Tupac was a […]

Irrational? Maybe. Psycho? No!! Thursday morning in my Broad Ripple apartment I stepped into my shoe to find a LIVE FREAKING COCKROACH patiently awaiting for me. There was no chance in hell I was going to stay in that tainted apartment another night so I did what I thought was the only reasonable option, drive […]

Aquarius: You’re a low key control freak actually not low key at all… And it got a little crazy when you starting showing the cashier at Kroger how to scan your own groceries…just chill a little bit! Pisces: Don’t spend another weekend binging the office again and eating pizza rolls in bed as the crums […]

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