Yesterday was Dare Dice. Each member of the show rolled the die, and Liv rolled the lowest. That means, today, Liv had to face the Box of Shame and pick out a punishment/dare that she had to complete….unless, she rolled both dice again today and got doubles! Well today was her lucky day because she […]

Who's ready for more obsession and murder???

Our Company Is Having A Halloween Costume Contest And We Can't Figure Out What To Dress Up As

Take my money now! H&M launched a matching sweater collection for humans and dog

A woman still married her man after she caught him doing this to a bridesmaid, Target releases Golden Girls Halloween Costumes and a scared deer jumps through a New York Salon

Joe's Need To Know News 09/23/19 A man went underwater to purpose to his girlfriend and never came back up to the surface...

-A new PSA has been produced by Sandy Hook Promise -Mom gives birth to baby at Jack In The Box  -Watch 13 Steven King movies by Halloween and Earn $1,300  Let’s Connect: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | 

Two Amish men ran from sheriff’s deputies after they were pulled over in Trumbull County, Ohio leaving behind a horse-drawn buggy that had beer and a stereo system inside   Let’s Connect: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | 

-Gas prices are expected to go up .10-.20 cents in the next week  -Mom attacks a woman for not saying excuse me inside of a Target  -The Navy confirms leaked UFO video is real -New Food Item coming soon from KFC  Let’s Connect: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter |