Follow @RachelBogle It’s the question ladies everywhere want to know? “How do I avoid a d-bag?” We’ve all dealt with them…from the guy in front of us in traffic, the one in your  office at work, or heck—you’ve probably even dated one or two (or five…) — it’s like they are unavoidable. But fear not, […]

Follow @RachelBogle In the words of Bill Nye: “Science Rules!” Sooo, I don’t exactly know what sort of scientific measuring method went into determining this list, but it’s pretty fantastic either way. Get ready ladies! Either you’re about to take a sigh of RELIEF that your man’s name isn’t on here OR immediately start shaking […]

Follow @rachelbogle   BREAKUPS. We’ve all been there—and if you say you haven’t then either 1) You’re lying 2) You’re delusional 3) You have an imaginary boyfriend 4) You’re Amish. I, for one, consider myself to be quite the professional when it comes to breakups. So whether you’re a girl looking for advice to get […]