Jennifer Aniston

WAIT ONE MINUTE!!!! Are we getting a friends reunion?

Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston just had a new movie come out on Netflix called “Murder Mystery“, and the two are a married couple in it. Obviously there was some kissing in it between the two, not shocking. What is shocking, is what Adam Sandler’s wife had to say about it. Honestly, she’s goals. you […]

Jennifer Aniston was on Ellen yesterday & explained that her fame, along with all her “Friends” co-host’s fame, was predicted. Ellen Degeneres asked Aniston to describe a picture of the whole cast on a private plane that looks like it was taken literally 100 years ago. She explained that it was a trip the whole […]

LOTS of rumors circling this week about Jen Aniston & if she’s pregnant (haven’t we heard this story before?) What do ya think? This pic is from yesterday in NYC…does she look pregnant to you?

  Courtesy of The Daily Beast: The headlines came fast and furious on a last month: more than a decade after Friendshad ended its 10-season run, NBC was planning a reunion. And it was going to be two hours long! But once you read a little more closely, the truth became apparent. This was […]

We’ve been waiting for this moment for YEARS!!! …and it’s finally here!!!!! Sorta. To celebrate a producer’s 1,000 episode the entire cast is gonna get back together for a special to air on NBC next month but there will not be a ‘Friends’ episode :( We hearing the cast has talked about it many times […]

There’s a new reason to hit Taco Bell (or any other place that sells tacos) – GOOD NEWS RIGHT?!?! Four friends is Austin decided to eat NOTHING BUT TACOS for a month (no I don’t know why) — THEY LOST WEIGHT!!! How does that happen? Eat tacos = losing weight? I’m in!!! They’ve written “The […]

Follow @RachelBogle FINALLY! According to TMZ, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are FINALLY married! Apparently, they had a surprise wedding at their home in LA on Wednesday night. But how did they pull it off? By telling all their celeb pals it was a surprise 44th birthday party for Justin. Genius. About 70 friends attended including Chelsea Handler, Howard Stern, […]