Miley Cyrus dropped an IG caption on everyone and the comment section legit CAUGHT FIRE! Miley Cyrus posted a picture that portrayed a lady clam and used the caption “virginity is a social construct.” Uhhhhh I don’t even know where to start unpacking this, and I’m not even really sure what this means but we […]

It feels like it’s been forever since we got new Ed Sheeran music, but we are getting it soon!  July 12 is the day we will get the album but today we got a peek at what we are in for.  Sheeran’s new album is called ” No.6 Collaborations Project” mainly because it is all […]

There’s nothing more embarrassing than your self on social media five years ago! I just found out how you can see all your former Instagram bios and I am cringing reading mine. At one point in time my bio read, word for word, “I’m your typical girl next door who loves guyz who wear their […]

Like everyone says it’s lit in the pit!! What? Nobody says that? i just made that up?? Ok that’s fine but it’s still true.  We had a blast at the Indy 500 Snake Pit Presented by Coors Light!  The team got to broadcast live, we saw amazing performances from Skrillex, Alesso, Illenium and Chris Lake, […]

    Katy Perry took to the gram to show off her latest hairstyle.  I don’t believe it’s 100% real because she was just at Coachella last month with a pixie cut.  Unless she has a secret super hair growth formula I’m just going to say she had a little assistance.  But I like the […]

Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber are great teasers.  They teased us for weeks about a new collaboration and we finally got it last week.  The duo dropped they single “I Don’t Care” and now they are teasing a new video.  By the looks of it I can’t wait.  The whole video could have just been […]

In case you missed it, Shawn Mendes broke the internet with his new Calvin Klein Ad.  Not only did he break the internet, he also broke Eliott’s spirit.        

The latest episode of the award losing broadcast News You Can Lose featuring Eliott King and Grisel Barajas.  This episode covers GOT scholarships, Avengers spoilers (not really), and the best viral dance challenge you’ll EVER see!  Check it out and share with your friends  

One of my favorite things on the internets is when people shoot gangster rap videos to pop songs.  Songs like One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”, Justin Bieber’s “Baby” or Jesse McCartney’s “Beautiful Soul” have been turned into thugged out bangers.  So we decided to do one to my favorite pop princess Ariana Grande’s “Thank […]

The “Havana” hitmaker Camila Cabello turned 22 on Sunday (Mar. 3) and decided to bless us with a gift on social media.  After turning 22, Cabello shared 22 things she learned while she was 21.  I don’t care how old you are, from 13 years old to 213 years old, there is something for everyone […]

We are so excited for Santa Slam 2018 featuring Migos, Bazzi, Bryce Vine, Blocboy JB and more.  So to get ready for the big show we created a playlist of some of our favorite jams.  Santa Montana teams up with Sleigh-Vo to form the “Tree Amigos”.  Check out the playlist and let us know what […]

In relationships you are bound to get into an argument or two.  Different couples have different ways of resolving these conflicts.  This is how couples who watch wrestling settle their arguments.  Make sure to share with your friends who could use a laugh