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Today is NATIONAL FRENCH FRY DAY! Congrats on learning this just before lunch! So…there’s “the perfect way to re-heat French Fries” I guess… Check THIS out

We’re OBSESSED with PokemonGo right? Now there are rules going into place in Washington DC – which I get…and I’m ok with. It’s getting a little crazy don’t ya think? Check ’em out HERE.

We’ve heard for years Twinkies would last forever…we have proof they last AT LEAST 40 years…sadly (or amazingly) you can still tell it’s a Twinkie! Check THIS out


Friday in front of 75,000 people at Wembly Stadium (where the Colts are gonna play this fall) a guy proposed during the Coldplay show & the video has gone viral! Check this out…

Now that summer is here (unofficaly of course even though it’s 90 this weekend) there’s a new summer way to eat bacon… GRILL IT! Can’t lie…never even thought about grilling bacon but it sounds great! My neighbors would be so pissed if they smell me GRILLING BACON! Check THIS out…and you’re welcome for the dinner idea

Yesterday Justin Bieber decided to prank fans by holding a baby & posting the pic to Instagram – THE INTERNET BLEW UP! Have you see the pic? It looks very father-daughter. Wanna see the pic? Click HERE.

A mother and father wanted to punish their son…SO THEY LEFT HIM IN THE WOOD! Who does that?!?! Seriously that’s MESSED UP…oh…the kid is 7! Not a type-o…he’s 7! Check THIS out.


Last night they were on The Voice tonight they’re on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. They JUST released the video for their new single…


Kicking off the “Future Now/Honda Civic Tour” in a month but they sat down with James Corden for a round of Carpool Karaoke last night…it was AWESOME!

Remember Lindsay Lohan? Remember all the drama with her? Now she’s been out of the spotlight for a while…and got engaged over the weekend! Seriously that’s BLOWING MY MIND! She was BEYOND a nutcase now she is getting married?!?! BTW…she’s 29 & her fiancé is 22 – think they will actually walk down the aisle? […]