We’ve all been scrolling through Instagram and seen beautiful posts with thousands of likes and think to ourselves, “Wow, that person must really have it all.”  Studies have shown that social media tends to have a negative impact on our mental health.  Makes sense, after all, we are seeing everyone’s highlight reel.  Instagram is currently […]

A bride spent a year getting ready for her wedding which to her meant a MAJOR weight loss project & SHE CRUSHED IT! She said one of her best tips is to reward yourself…so this is what she did…

Follow @RachelBogle/ WAIT… so we AREN’T supposed to be editing our pictures using the actual INSTAGRAM FILTERS? Mind=Blown. Thankfully, fashion and beauty blogger Marianna Hewitt is sharing all of her secrets about how she takes her “normal” iPhone pics and turns them into Insta-FABULOUSNESS. And yes, she takes us through the how-to for selfies, landscapes, […]


Follow @RachelBogle Don’t lie: we’ve all done it. A little curiosity leads to creeping around on the ex’s social media and usually ends about 53 weeks deep on his new GF’s IG wondering how you got there and why you just ate 2 boxes of Russell Stover’s. It’s ok… this video will make you feel […]

Follow @RachelBogle Don’t even act like you aren’t #guilty of at least SOME of these. Haha! “The 5 Stages All Women Go Through Before Posting A Selfie On Instagram”   Credit: http://elitedaily.com/women/insane-process-every-girl-goes-posting-instagram/919129/  

Follow @Rachelbogle Oh yeah ladies….we are about to feel REALLLLLLL ridiculous. For the most part, girls’ Instagrams are fairly predictable. That’s not to say every female’s account is filled with selfies and staged “candid” snaps and #OOTD mirror pics, but… most are. The folks over on a site called “Witty + Pretty” had a hilarious […]

Meeting at a bar on Instagram. Meeting at a bar in real life.  Grabbing drinks on Instagram. Grabbing drinks in real life. Having chemistry on Instagram. Having chemistry in real life. Setting a date on Instagram. Setting a date in real life.  Buying a new outfit on Instagram. Buying a new outfit in real life. […]

Follow @rachelbogle Ladies, you’re welcome…because this is life-changing. There is actually an Instagram out there that is literally the answer to all of our prayers. It’s called DILFS_Of_Disneyland and IT IS GLORIOUS. Here’s just a taste:   There’s finally an IG solely devoted to posting pictures of hot DILFs at Disneyland. It’s a cool account because […]