Alyssa called in today because she got the shock of a lifetime when she met her 2nd grade student’s dad and it turned out to be a guy she slept with this summer…and he’s married. She doesn’t know what she should do! listen below:

This week on #AskAlex…an anonymous woman called in letting us know she’s a lonely chemistry teacher, who LOVES the attention of her male students…AND is thinking about “HOOKING UP” with one of her students! Should she DO IT?!?


Follow @RachelBogle This is hilarious….because it’s true. So hop aboard the Shaggin’ Wagon and enjoy the video:

Follow @rachelbogle This is pretty awesome on a number of levels. One, because many of these are on point. And not to mention the blogger who wrote this, Crissy Malazzo, is absolutely HILARIOUS. But forewarning, this IS a blog about sex, so there’s gonna be some adult verbage. Sooo, probably not a good idea not […]

Kyle & Rachel sent an escort to Gen Con for the weekend! The anonymous escort said she planned on ‘deflowing’ some Gen Conners!  Today, she joined the show for her final recap and let’s say she fell in love with a storm trooper!  

Follow @rachelbogle   Ok, so I ran across this AMAZEBALLZ article on Facebook courtesy of one of my lovely lady friends. And I seriously spent the next few minutes scanning over the article simultaneously nodding and/or laughing my ass off. So obviously, I had to share. Check out the FULL list of the “25 Annoying Things […]

Follow @rachelbogle Ok, soooo I’m not on Tinder. Never have been, but I know many people who are, so I have heard many a “Tinder hookup” story. But now, the creators of the app are upping the ante, because they are about to make it easier than ever to use their app to hook up […]

Follow @rachelbogle   I’m pretty sure we’ve all been in this kind of “relationship” before. You know, the sort-of-kind-of-awkward-not-official-but-kindof-working-on-it-I’m-so-confused type of relationship. It’s sort of like the limbo you exist in before you either take the plunge and become Facebook offish OR if things go wayyyy left and the non-relationship-ish-relationship just spontaneously combusts. But if […]

Follow @rachelbogle   Looks like Liam Hemsworth isn’t the only one on the rebound… Miley Cyrus have gotten a LOT more out of her photo shoot with Rolling Stone magazine than just a cover shot! It appears she also found a little romance with her photographer, 24-year-old New York Playboy, Theo Wenner, who just so […]

Follow @rachelbogle   According to TMZ, Justin Bieber might have gotten himself caught in the act yet again! The photo hit Instagram yesterday has just exploded all over the web ever since. It appears to have been taken at a party, where Biebs looks to be lighting up a joint. But to make things even more interesting, it […]

Follow @rachelbogle My friend Vivian sent me this cool story from MindBodyGreen.com…apparently you can tell whether or not your relationship will work out JUST by looking at your significant other’s room. It’s a little thing called Feng Shui…and luckily you don’t have to be a zen yoga master to know that these 6 signs actually […]

Ever heard of the Tinder App? Download now and watch the magic happen…maybe. It’s a location based services app that pulls the closest singles your area. Your pictures are pulled from Facebook and a connection is made once both you and the opposite sex like each other. One of @KyleRadioNOW ‘ s good friends uses […]