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From eOnline Here’s a birthday surprise no one would wish for: While Taylor Swift was in England celebrating turning 23 with new boyfriendHarry Styles, a man was busy attempting to break into her Nashville home. Jacob Kulke, a pocketknife-wielding 24-year-old, was arrested early this morning for criminal trespassing at Swift’s Tennessee pad. Taylor wasn’t home at the time.  According […]

Following One Direction’s performance at New York’s Madison Square Garden, Harry and Ed Sheeran did a little Karaoke, and the songs were of the Taylor Swift variety. This video is a must see for fans…especially when you realize what song they’re singing!

In “Crazy Stupid Love” — Ryan Gosling’s character explains to Emma Stone that women want to sleep with him as soon as they find out that he can do the lift from “Dirty Dancing.” Taylor Swift found out that Harry Styles can do the lift.  Didn’t even realize he was born when that movie was […]

The will break up soon happy couple hung out backstage at a concert a few days back in NY and looky what surfaced. I think we should start taking Vegas type bets for how long we think they’ll last and how quickly a song will be released, no? – Reka

So as it appears Taylor and Harry from One Direction are an item..Taylor recently shared what it is she lacks when it comes to relationships: In an interview with the British edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, Taylor, 22, is asked what she still doesn’t understand about relationships. “How to make them last,” she replied. “I’ve never had […]

Ok, that we don’t know for sure, but what we can tell you is this photo was taken of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles of One Direction.   No hands were held, no intimate moments were captured.  So basically this is a photo of two musicians in Central Park.  Not terribly uncommon.   But people […]