Oh yeah, what you see is what you get. I’ve heard of and seen some pretty crazy things, but this is just…well…freakin’ me out. The 23 year old goes by “Digidoo” and just recently tried out for this up coming’s season of American Idol. He was a shining star alright…well at least his head was. […]

Miley Cyrus has developed an addiction on the set of her new movie — she can’t stop singing that damn catchy Willow Smith song about hair whipping!!!! According to people working on the new movie set … Miley has been passing the time between takes on the set of “So Undercover” by constantly singing “Whip […]

Rappers are notorious for their smoke-filled parties, but usually it’s a different kind of smoke than this. It all went horribly wrong for one young model at the celebratory party for the release of Diddy-Dirty Money’s new album, Last Train To Paris, at the London in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. It started off happily […]

Source Britney Spears and her agent/boyfriend Jason Trawick took Brit’s kids to the Disneyland Hotel for Mother’s Day for a private audience with Mickey Mouse. Before the boys got there, Britney and Jason had a fight resulting in the kids being left with the nanny all day and Britney locking herself in her room for […]

Lesbians beware! Justin Bieber tells he may switch up his famous, side-swept shaggy ‘do one day. “I’m kinda liking the long hair right now,” he told Us via e-mail. “In the future, I may get bored and change it up but for now I like how it is.” The New York Times reported Wednesday […]

Trey Songz, prom stylist??? No, thats not the name of a new contest they’re running on MTV, Trey Songz actually will style and prepare your dew for the biggest night of your high school life! When he was 17, the last thought in Songz’ mind was becoming an R&B star. He had already dropped out […]


I haven’t really “styled” it yet, but here’s the before / after shots.  uhh….this is permanent stuff, btw.  Colts better WIN!  lol


Ok.  So my hair is getting ridiculously long – so I figured might as well do something outrageous with it before I chop it off.  I decided to go blue with my do.  Tried it on Saturday, but it didn’t work out too well.  Apparently my hair was a little too dark, so none of […]