Every girl is annoyed by creepy guys when they go out…right?!? You’ve GOTTA HEAR how Alex attempted to scare off one guy in particular the other night!


Follow @RachelBogle Lets face it ladies, we get some pretty ridiculous texts from guys. So, a few gals got together to highlight some of the most ridiculous [and offensive] REAL texts they’ve received from dudes. And of course, it’s pretty damn entertaining. Really, fellas?  

Follow @RachelBogle  Newsflash guys: sometimes we lie to you. Particularly if we are not at all interested in hooking up with you. It’s just what we do. Now, obviously not EVERY excuse a girl has to justify avoiding having sex is actually a lie, BUT when she tells you she can’t stay because she has to […]


Follow @RachelBogle Ladies, lets face it…we all have some questions we are DYING to ask guys. However, there’s really no good way to ask some of them without being suuuuper awkward. Especially when we are talking about one of the most perplexing things for women to comprehend: boners. Luckily, we don’t have to ask because […]

Follow @RachelBogle In the words of Bill Nye: “Science Rules!” Sooo, I don’t exactly know what sort of scientific measuring method went into determining this list, but it’s pretty fantastic either way. Get ready ladies! Either you’re about to take a sigh of RELIEF that your man’s name isn’t on here OR immediately start shaking […]

Ladies!!! You have to see if your man, you boo thang, or that Tinder date guy has a small package before even getting into bed with them, and you wanna know how we can figure this out?? By their name! So guys looks away and don’t be embarrassed cause my name is on this list […]


Follow @RachelBogle Everything is better when it’s a parody of the Sarah McLaughlin “Arms Of An Angel” ASPCA video. Especially when it’s this HILARIOUS #TextHerBack campaign: “Every day, strong, beautiful women are ignored, led on, and booty-called….So please, be a decent human being to the girl you’re effing….right now” Enjoy! And don’t forget to text […]

Follow @RachelBogle We’ve all been on god awful first dates, where we just wish we could press the eject button and disappear ASAP. Seriously, I once ran into some friends at a restaurant on a date and quietly texted my bestie under  the table saying, “Kill me now…ok so I’m gonna tell this guy I’ll […]

Do you have a crush, but aren’t quite sure if he likes you back? Well 22-year-old vlogger Connor Franta will help you figure it out. Watch the video below:

Follow @rachelbogle Let’s be honest, most of us have received at least ONE unsolicited d**k pic in our lives. And it’s ALWAYS awkward. And rather than acting like we never received said appendage “art”, we should start using this girl’s approach….BECAUSE IT IS EPIC.    OH SNAP, GIIIIRL! OWNED. Credit:

Follow @rachelbogle Although it’s “cuffing season,” according to my Facebook newsfeed, everyyyyybody is breaking up. We’ve all been there, so even if you’re sitting on your couch with a half empty bottle of wine, box of Dove chocolate, and every Nicolas Sparks book-based movie ever made,  you’ll at least be able to enjoy this, in […]

Follow @rachelbogle This is pretty awesome on a number of levels. One, because many of these are on point. And not to mention the blogger who wrote this, Crissy Malazzo, is absolutely HILARIOUS. But forewarning, this IS a blog about sex, so there’s gonna be some adult verbage. Sooo, probably not a good idea not […]