group therapy

Ashley called in for Group Therapy because she had no idea how to handle a situation she's dealing with. Her Aunt, who is one of the people she's closest with, was cheated on by her husband while she was going through chemotherapy. Ashley just found out & her aunt JUST got a clean bill of health.

Matthew called in today for Group Therapy because he is dating the PERFECT girl...on paper...but he still can't stop thinking about his ex who he thinks is the "one that got away".

Amber wants to intervene in her bestie’s engagement.

Rachel called in for Group Therapy because her mom is addicted to gambling & her and her sister are scared they’re gonna lose their inheritance.

Group Therapy: Kyle's girlfriend is lying to him about her weightloss.

Lauren’s BF has a new found confidence that she is just not into & she doesn’t know what to do about it.. listen below:

Alyssa called in today because she got the shock of a lifetime when she met her 2nd grade student’s dad and it turned out to be a guy she slept with this summer…and he’s married. She doesn’t know what she should do! listen below:

For Group Therapy today Jessica called in because she needs advice about her boyfriend. He won’t give this up for her & she wants to know if this is grounds for a break-up??? listen below:

Megan is in a pickle. She is pretty sure her boss is spying on her but doesn’t know what to do because she isn’t EXACTLY innocent. I got anxious with my stomach in knots just listening to her….