Follow @RachelBogle COOLEST GRANDPARENTS EVER. Their reactions are soooo priceless, especially talking about “Mr. Wap” Check out the video below:

Photo Credit: SilviaJansen Apparently 2014 was the year that grandparents learned how to use Facebook…and they mastered it. The end. Click here to see what your grandma was up to this year

These clips are what happens when grandparents get a hold of the photo booth app.  Peep the video below!

A new study says STDs among senior citizens are up.  See if this might hit close to home with the Top Signs Your Grandparents are Still Getting it On. –You noticed lots of moaning from their bedroom.  And it’s not just because they’re slowly dying. –Instead of smelling like soup, your grandfather now smells like Axe Body Spray […]