Follow @rachelbogle This is some of the realest stuff you’ll read all day, ladies. And odds are, you’ll probably share this with that one BFF of ours that makes us nod to almost all of these. And that’s how it should be. Cuz they will just “get it”…and for the other 23 things that close friends […]

Follow @rachelbogle Let’s be honest, most of us have received at least ONE unsolicited d**k pic in our lives. And it’s ALWAYS awkward. And rather than acting like we never received said appendage “art”, we should start using this girl’s approach….BECAUSE IT IS EPIC.    OH SNAP, GIIIIRL! OWNED. Credit:

Follow @rachelbogle So this morning we had Carly Aquilino from MTV’s “Girl Code” in the studio talking about cheating exes…which was absolutely priceless. So, in honor  of that convo, I had to share this blog that answers a LOT of questions about why cheaters will ALWAYS continue to cheat, according to blogger Dan Scotti from […]

Follow @rachelbogle Getting ready for a night out with the girls? Well, you’re probably gonna need some of these. “27 Things To Say When You Want To Escape From Being Hit On” And here we go… 1. I just discovered an irregular mole in my armpit and I just don’t think I’m ready to enter […]

Follow @rachelbogle Although it’s “cuffing season,” according to my Facebook newsfeed, everyyyyybody is breaking up. We’ve all been there, so even if you’re sitting on your couch with a half empty bottle of wine, box of Dove chocolate, and every Nicolas Sparks book-based movie ever made,  you’ll at least be able to enjoy this, in […]

Follow @rachelbogle This is pretty awesome on a number of levels. One, because many of these are on point. And not to mention the blogger who wrote this, Crissy Malazzo, is absolutely HILARIOUS. But forewarning, this IS a blog about sex, so there’s gonna be some adult verbage. Sooo, probably not a good idea not […]


Follow @rachelbogle Ladies, lets be honest: there’s nothing more annoying while you ‘re enjoy a girls night out and some sketchy dude starts cat-calling you with the most cringe-worthy lines ever. Just, ewww… But imagine a world where we could turn the tables and give these dudes a taste of their own medicine? It might go […]

Follow @rachelbogle   This is HILARIOUS! One of my friends shared this on social media this week and I just had to share it with all of you. This is SO funny because, lets be honest, it’s SO TRUE. We have all been through a breakup, and sure…it stinks, but this video makes it all […]

Follow @rachelbogle Gotta love the low-drama life of being a girl who has mostly guy friends. Now, here’s the disclaimer: I’m talking about REAL guy friends…okkkkk? Not the ones that girls say “He’s like my brother” but in reality they are doing the nastyyy behind the scenes. If that’s your brother honey, that’s super creepy. Anyway, […]

Follow @rachelbogle All the single ladies, put your hands up! Being single is both a blessing and a curse, and nothing sums up that point like this: “25 Things That Happen When You’re Single”   1. People will try to set you up. 2. So you’ll go on a date because your friend *promised* that […]

Michelle Obama is calling on young women in the U.S. to take their education a little more seriously. Kids in the United States are often…

Follow @rachelbogle   Why go to the gym when you can just drink wine? Seems legit, right? I mean….they are pretty much the same thing… and here’s why:   1). They both have proven health benefits. 2. Both require heavy lifting. …if you do it right. 3. Both have a singular purpose. We all know […]