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I love Halloween season.  Well i don’t really like haunted houses, or scary movies, or pumpkin carving but I do love to dress up in costumes.  Apparently celebrities do too!  Check out some of the best ones I’ve seen so far Halsey as Poison Ivy Last year Rita Ora spent Halloween with us […]

  Gabrielle Union already ranks pretty high on the list of our favorite people in the world, but her new interview with xoNecole might just put her right on top. The Being Mary Jane star, who has a memorable cameo in the upcoming controversial film Birth of a Nation, sat down for a long interview […]

  BeyHive members may like to think that they have a close, personal relationship with Beyoncé, and in some ways they do. But one woman who actually hangs out with Queen Bey in the flesh, Gabrielle Union, is sharing some insight into what it’s like to be in her presence. After attending Bey’s New York City […]

Gabrielle Union hilariously shuts down pregnancy rumors by begging the media to leave her uterus alone

The Miami Heat star shared a series of Snapchats from bed as he cuddled next to his wife Gabby after attending Public School’s fashion show in New York.

As news broke that our beloved icon Prince had passed away on Thursday, people all over the world shared their condolences, many via social media.