No news team works harder to bring you the news nobody asked for with Eliott King and Grisel Barajas aka Griseliott! This episode covers Lil Nas X record breaking record, students preparing for a new kind of test and a guest house you can build yourself in 8 hours or less. Share with a friend […]

Christian called in for Freakshow Friday because he is in a “batting practice” club….but it’s not the club you’re thinking of. When he actually explained what this club was, we were all STUNNED. Honestly, I’m never at a loss for words but this truly made me speechless. We laughed, we were confused, and we were […]

Cardi B & Offset were on Jimmy Kimmel last night and played an absolute hilarious game with Jimmy Kimmel where the late night host attempted to translate the lyrics for old people to understand. You can watch the video below, it’s absolutely gold.

The tables have turned! It’s still your favorite news broadcast with Eliott and Grisel aka Griseliott, but Grisel has taken over the studio! This episode covers Jaden Smith’s food truck, McDonald’s robbery, and a new men’s make up trend.  Check it out and share with your friends!  

It’s News You Can Lose with Eliott King and Grisel Barajas.  Once again bringing you the news nobody asked for.  This episode covers bad smells helping memory, new Sour Patch Kid items and Grisel shows you how to make arts and crafts out of household items…I think    

The latest challenge that has the internet buzzing is the Bottle Cap Challenge.  Everyone has taken on the challenge including celebrities like John Mayer, Jason Statham, Diplo and more!  So Liv The Web Girl and I decided to accept the challenge but not sure if we did it right.  Take a look!    

It’s time once again for another episode of News You Can Lose featuring Eliott King and Grisel Barajas aka Griseliott.  This episode features BFF benefits, Cocaine, Snacks, and Grisel takes a crack at stand up comedy.  

There is no other way to put it…Billie Eilish is a worldwide phenomenon!  Her sound, her style, and her personality make Billie something this world has never really seen before and we all love her for that.  What’s also surprising is that amount of life she has experienced and how much wisdom she has for […]

Halsey is one of my favorite follows on social media.  She is admittedly late to the Triller App party, the app that makes music videos for you.  I’m guessing she was too busy making actual music videos…like awesome videos like “Nightmare” but she has the app now and she’s been busy.  Take a look at […]

We have our very first special guest Ally Brooke on this episode of News You Can Lose.  Keeping you up to date with the news nobody asked for with Eliott King and Grisel Barajas aka Griseliott  

The Marion County Fair is coming up so we had the Queen, Paige stop by to tell us all about it.   You can become the next Queen of the MCF and earn $1,000 in scholarships.  Check out the video to find out how

Last week Melissa McCarthy filled in on the Ellen show to takeover the hosting duties.  McCarthy talked about how much she loved pop sensation Billie Eilish and wished the could collaborate.  With the help of technology she made a music video where she got to perform alongside Billie.  Earlier today McCarthy was on the Ellen […]