This week, host Emily Metheny spoke with John Elliott, CEO of Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. He spoke about where people can find food, how people can support Gleaners and their communities, and how the pandemic will continue to impact people after the health crisis has been addressed. John mentioned the Community Compass app during […]

Olive Garden – Olive Garden is having a “buy one, take one” deal. Purchase one classic entree and get your second one free along with your choice of soup or salad and breadsticks. Firehouse Subs – Through the end of April, you can receive  a free kids’ combo with the purchase of a medium or […]

An unhealthy microbiome can throw your whole body out of wack! Gut health is important. Your gut is responsible for breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, and then managing waste. It’s not uncommon for your gut to become unbalanced with too much bad bacteria. Here’s how to know if your gut is unhealthy: Increased bloating and […]

You are what you eat, right? Your skin is usually very telling of your diet. We’ve all seen those acne face maps. It’s known that certain foods can cause acne breakouts. Here are some foods that may surprisingly be the culprit to your flare up. Whey protein powder – although it’s regarded as one of the […]

Imagine your apartment full of stacked pizza boxes!

This video is confusing to me.

What’s a competitive eating routine and strategy like? Where can you find the best food in Indianapolis? And, most importantly, how can Producer Porkchop win a competitive eating contest later today!? Eliott King and the Joe and The RadioNow Morning Show gets those answers and more from the July 4th Nathan’s Hot Dog competitive eating […]

Beef Jerky?…Bologna?…Hamburger Helper?…Spam?…Monster Energy Drinks?…Macaroni and Cheese? After Joe was CRUCIFIED for being a grown ass man eating LUNCHABLES! This brought up a very important discussion on The Joe and Alex Show! What are the most “WHITE TRASH FOODS” in existance?!? the joe and


Swear I’d try this… Wonder what we have to do so it’s at Victory Field this summer??

When I was younger I’d just steal $.02 pieces of candy…now-a-days we’re stealing cheese…crab legs…peanuts. Just random stuff. Wanna see the crazy list? Click HERE.