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If you can’t resist the smell of a quarter pounder from McDonald’s.. this one is for you. McDonald’s has launched the Quarter Pounder Fan Club that features exclusive swag and merch including 6 different candles with the following scents: sesame seed bun, ketchup, pickle, cheese, onion and 100 percent fresh beef. More merch includes: Quarter […]

Burger King announced they will be removing preservatives from their signature Whoppers through an ad campaign featuring one covered in mold. “The beauty of real food is that it gets ugly. that’s why we are rolling out a whopper free from artificial preservatives.” Burger King said in a tweet. “We believe that real food tastes […]


This is not a drill! Fishers will be welcoming a new Shake Shack set to open late 2020. Get ready for famous ShackBurgers, crinkle-cut fries, milkshakes, and frozen custard. According to the IndyStar, Shake Shack chief development officer Andrew McCaughan shared, “We’re thrilled to finally bring Shake Shack to Indiana.”  He also said that, “Greater […]

YUP!! Looks like Wendy's has decided to join the breakfast game.

It’s the truth that I didn’t really want to know. I feel like this is the case for basically all fast food though; it comes in a baggie and is usually kept frozen. Just heat it up and bon appétite!

In the midst of Chipotle's attempt to redeem itself, the chain is facing another setback.

Courtesy of People: Here’s how it all goes down, layer-by-layer: burrito-sized tortillas, shredded cheese, the contents of beef taco (no official word on what happened to those tortillas), lasagna noodles, 8 entire burritos, refried beans (again, scooped straight out of a bean burrito), nacho cheese, more lasagna noodles, 16 cheese rollups, mild sauce (we would’ve gone with fire […]

Fast food is great for hangovers, but what if you could get drunk AND eat burgers at the same damn time?

McDonald's Modern China Burger with GREY bun the 'colour of despair' leaves diners baffled — Mirror Weird News (@MirrorWeirdNews) October 19, 2015 Just when you thought Burger King’s black bun was as bad as it could get. Colored buns have basically become a thing in fast food, and we’re not sure why. Now, […]

Burger King says it WANTS to offend some customers with food so hot they won’t want to eat it. What’s the point of this?!?! I don’t get it. Read more HERE.

Fast Food workers fed up with low pay stopped taking orders so that they could make their demands today. Many McDonald’s workers are only making…